Celebration of Thanksgiving for the Canonization of St. Katharina Kasper

"Donate to the father's project, like Mary say yes!" so was Katharina's life project, her love and delivery transformed the lives of many people. We celebrate our gratitude to God for the canonization of our founder Saint Katharina Kasper. On the 24th we met in the parish of Aquiraz, in union with our associated laity, young people and all the people of God to give thanks.

Saint Katharina Kasper. Pray for us!

Experience in the footsteps of Saint Katharina

A group of 13 of our young sisters participate in a post-canonization experience of Saint Katharina in our home mother in Germany. Sisters from Kenya, Nigeria, Mexico and Brazil retrace the steps of our founder Katharina. We are in touch with our origins to deepen the calling of the vocation of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ.


Canonization of St. Katharina Kasper

Different faces, cultures, one more charisma! What an amazing experience! The Mass of canonization with Pope Francis and the Poor Handmaids and the pilgrims from all over the world, all honoring Santa Katharina Kasper! What an amazing experience! We are all truly blessed to have shared this experience!

Sr. Leila´s First Vows

On January 31,2016, our Congregation, The Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, rejoiced and thanked God in the community gathering of the Holy Eucharist, at St. Joseph of Ribamar Parish in Aquiraz, Ceara. Sr. Leila Maria was received as a new member as she consecrated herself to the Lord in professing her First Vows. The theme for her consecration was:

"No one takes my life, I give it freely" (Jn 10, 18)

Our Superior General Sr. Gonzalo and Sr. Annemarie were present. Father Tomas, who was Sr. Leila´s former Pastor and who accompanied her throughout her formation, received her vows as a representative of the church, as a friend and as a pastor. In the homily delivered by Fr. Tomas he emphasized to Sr. Leila that no one but she can take away her vocation. It combines perfectly with the choice of the theme which Sr. Leila had chosen for her profession and which was part of a song that she sang during her moment of thanksgiving.

"My life no one takes, I freely give it to You
As incense, offering pleasant scents
In Your presence Lord"

A reception followed at our house in Jacunda where we met family, friends and associates. This is the community where we live and carry out our mission.

May God guide the steps of this sister who decided to devote herself entirely to Him. And may his offering always contribute to the awareness of God's plan in the lives of those Sr. Leila will live with and those who have been entrusted to her in her mission.